What Is the Matter With You?

ecological damage
ecological damage

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that your welfare is solely your own responsibility. If you can’t take care of your own self, the state won’t. This brings us to the topic of discarding PPE on the sidewalks of Brooklyn, which has been hit hardest due to its high density of population. 

So, if people are so aware of how to take care of themselves in these troubling times, who is littering the streets with a solitary glove here and there? In fact, Sameer Kalaf, a staffer from Deadspin has made it his Instagram profile- uploading pictures of gloves strewn around in a time when such commodities are in scarcity. 

ecological damage

While questions are being asked around as to who is littering the streets and what ought to be done- the answers are far and few in between. While Andrew Coutis, the Deputy Editor simply posits that human beings are trash, there has to be proper reasoning to this brazen display of destruction. 

After all, we might not all die. And those who will be alive will have to contend with ecological damage. 



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