White House Records To Be Kept Secret: Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the former President of the USA, decided to file a lawsuit on Monday to keep the White House Records a secret. This took place at the DC District Court where he went against the House select committee who were investigating the insurrection on the 6th of January, along with the National Archives in his effort to keep information about his presidency under confidence.

He did this by claiming executive privilege. This lawsuit from the former President is simply an attempt to block all the work done by the House committee as it is trying to get a hold of his previous actions which took place before and during the siege of the Capitol. The court action also marks his latest struggle in a thorny as well as long fight against the subpoenas that have been issued by the Democratic-controlled US House. 

White House Records To Be a Battleground

The administration of Joe Biden has refused executive privilege over said White House records, and Donald Trump currently opposes the release of around 40 documents. The lawsuit has also claimed that the requests from the House for the documents of the executive branch are simply unprecedented in their scope and breadth and are simply untethered from any important legislative ideal. It also states that the refusal of President Joe Biden to protect a few of the documents is simply a plot to encompass all his partisan allies. 

One of the spokespeople for the former President went on to lean in the argument by announcing that the lawsuit did accuse the Democrats of trying to get hold of confidential White House Records, as well as trying to change the narrative on what really happened on the 6th of January. 

The House Committee, on their part, have sworn to fight the attempts of the President to obstruct the investigation to secure the White House Records- as they would be striving to move ahead with their probe on a multitude of fronts. 

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