An Honest Opinion On John Wick 4

john wick 4

John Wick 4 hit the cinemas today. Even before the release of one of the cast members, a legend Lance Reddick passed away on Friday morning. Many were skeptical about this sequel. The last three were phenomenal. Keanu Reeves fans were holding their breath perhaps for a gut-wrenching performance. And the fans weren’t disappointed at all. The new one kept the intensity alive throughout the sequel. The last part of the sequel was stale and the audience did not give positive or energetic feedback.

John Wick 4 Made Other Chapters Weak

The feedback from the audience says John Wick 4 is one of the strongest among all four. After the last part, everyone thought the John Wick saga is going down the hill. They failed to keep the energy alive. Well, John Wick 4 blew everyone’s mind. The authentic work with visuals and action made the crowd go Whoa. The impression was quite unexpected. Immediately after its release, it became one of the greatest action films in Hollywood.

John Wick 4 brought many deadly consequences of their action in the film. Which many famous directors might find difficult to beat. John Wick 4 has set the table so high this time. Probably other action films might have to give it a thought before they chalk out a new plan. Keanu Reeves indeed aced up his game. He is fun to watch. Female fans are crushing all over him again.

He put so much effort to make the action scenes which makes it more believable on screen. John Wick 4 also features Bill Skarsgard, Ian McShane, and Lawrence Fishburne. The whole team was present at the premiere. They all wore bill ribbons to honor Lance Reddick. He left a void in the team, and Keanu reeves apparently misses him. Even the whole team of John Wick Chapter 4 would miss Lance Reddick.