White House Never Seems To Have Less Scandal

White House

Department of Justice has found a document from the White House, that may prove President Joe Biden, guilty of something. Many felt he intended to come clean to the department of justice but just not to the media. As anyone can see the former president’s humiliation, which is visible to the whole world. Many documents were confiscated from the white house, and probably the worst time in his presidency.

White House Is Keeping It A Secret For Now

Some crucial documents were confiscated from the white house, last fall. This made Biden look suspicious and might be guilty of something. And rumor has it that officials have been backing up and supporting the Republicans with Trump’s conspiracy theory and lowkey forcing them to continue that battle, which might keep the democrats’ dirty work under wrap. And they might have been politically manipulated to do so. People are sarcastically how the house never stays white.

Something identical is happening to the House, what happened with the Washington house. Many within the house believe the president knows something, and now all these documents are concrete proof that he knows something. Now the question is since when and how much? Probably something wrongdoings of others he may disclose or trying to cover his own.

And many are suspicious about the president’s sudden interest in visiting the Mexico border and moderating the student loans, opting for more stimulus checks, and lastly taking credit for cooling down the inflation. Their PR teams performance so far was poor and they seemed underconfident with the democrats will hammer home their messages as the storm rages. And this is a sure shot the democrats will be running for reelection and the white house will be under their grasp for another four years or so.