Zelenskyy Finally Gets His Dream White House Meeting: Delivers Impassioned Plea For Help In Fighting The Russians

Volodymyr Zelensky

Zelenskyy made an impassioned plea for more help from the west in fighting the Russians and won pledges of sustained support that included a missile system as he made his first visit to the country. US president Biden has pledged that America would be fully behind the beleaguered nation for the whole distance.

Zelenskyy was accorded a hero’s welcome as he arrived on a quick tour of Washington marking 300 days since the Russians invaded Ukraine. He was clear that he wouldn’t accept any forced agreement that could be construed as a compromise.

Zelenskyy has used his rugged demeanor, acting background, and media savvy to turn the world around to Ukraine’s cause. He donned his characteristic military fatigues instead of switching over to a formal suit to mark the occasion. President Biden even at one point fondly put his hand on the shoulder of the wartime leader as they made a grand entrance into the White House.

Zelenskyy Received More Arms In His Fight Against The Russians

At a joint press conference, President Biden promised Zelenskyy that Ukraine would never be alone and that America was behind them constantly and it would ensure that it stays that way. The American President said that America appreciated that Ukraine was fighting for something much greater.

The American president said that together they would ensure that the liberty flame continued to burn brighter and that light will ultimately prevail.

Zelensky is slated to address Congress later even as it finalizes a $45 billion deal for Ukraine as the war nears one year. he flew back on his perilous journey after less than a day on the ground.

Zelensky made a risky trip to the battle zone near Bakhmut where the two forces have been pounding each other for the past couple of months, before making the secret trip to the US.

Zelensky presented the American President with a decoration that was given to him by a true war hero on the frontline. He said that the award was given by an army captain handling the HIMARS rocket system and has been very effective on the ground.

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