Lawyer For Harlan Crow May Meet Senate Judiciary Staff

Harlan Crow

Harlan Crow, an American real estate developer’s lawyer, has agreed to meet Senate Judiciary Committee staff regarding Crow’s exchange with the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Harlan Crow is accused of providing Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, with luxurious foreign travel and private real estate deals. 

According to an obtained letter by CNN by Harlan Crow’s lawyer Michael Bopp to Dick Durbin the Senate Judiciary Chair, Bopp repeated his disquiet that the Senate Judiciary Committee has no authority to inquire into the relationship of his client and Thomas, however, has agreed to meet the committee. Michael wrote in the letter that Crow’s team respects the vital role played by the Senate Judiciary Committee in the formulation of legislation that concerns the federal court systems and any discussion with its staff is welcomed.

Harlan Crow has certainly changed his approach in dealing with the investigation by the Senate Judiciary Committee. This change signifies that he understands the vital role played by the committee and its authority. Crow had a very different approach in the past week when he had refused to respond to Ron Wyden, the Senate Finance Chairman questioning his authority.

Thomas Clarence’s Relation With Harlan Crow

Thomas Clarence’s interactions with billionaire Harlan Crow created a stir when a series of detailed reports were published by ProPublica, which stated that Thomas had received luxury travel from Crow and his family had a private real estate deal with Crow in 2014. The report further stated that these real estate transactions were not mentioned in the annual financial declaration of Thomas. The report also unearthed that Crow had been providing tuition payments for one of Thomas’s grandnephews.

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