Why should startups use google cloud platform solutions?

Startups have greatly been active to adopt Cloud technology. This is because small businesses are unable to or do not wish to make investments in any of their in-house server that is very costly and hard to maintain. Rather startups will prefer to use any ready to go cloud infrastructure that huge technologies own.

What are the benefits of Google cloud for startups?

Google Cloud platform will not allow let startups have access to one of the largest global networks, but will also make sure that customers go through lower downtime because they will be making use of virtual machines’ live migration. Their startup program will be offering entrepreneurs to avail service of huge worth for free as well as receive support at any time. So let us understand why Google Cloud resources for startups will be beneficial.

  • Cost: Google will let startups avail discounts. It is a valuable free trial and complete support is included also in the package. If you wish to apply for discounts for your startup on Google Cloud, get hold of a local incubator or any VC investor. Thus Google will confirm that it a startup.
  • Expandability with a huge number of accessible tools: The tools of Google Cloud will be covering each and every possible startup requirement such as testing, security, development, networking, documentation, management of the database, AI as well as important data development, etc. Google invests in the integration actively, connecting a lot of tools to a few other available development surroundings along with APIs.
  • Connection of Google Maps: One of the major benefits to use Google Cloud platform is the local assistance of Google Maps. A developer will be able to incorporate any dynamic street view, image, route, address, place details along with objects on the map easily as well as offer huge user experience.
  • Great integrations: You will be able to have control over your startup project with a complete G Suite along with Google Cloud resources. There are many types of equipment for data storage, networking, communication as well as organization. Thus, the platform of Google Cloud will a perfect start for not only the development process but also for organizational work.
  • Excellent AI as well as ML equipment: Google has not caught up well with the AI infrastructure of AWS but it is going close. Now, the platform will let you create videos as well as image processing equipment, create chatbots, build dialog flows along with work on recognition of speech.

Final words

So, Google cloud resources for startups come with lots of benefits. It is not only less expensive, but it will also be benefited from the largest networks globally. Thus, there will be less latency as well as greater precise compute prices because data will be processed in a shorter time. Currently, virtual machines’ live migration is unique and vital differentiator when compare with other providers of cloud hosting. Moreover, the fine quality security as well as performance will look after several concurrent connections. Thus, startups will be having a platform that will set the business well for a long-lasting success.
Alternative to Google Cloud platform is Office 365 and SharePoint. Most of the small business have already started moving to Office 365 from Google Cloud. Know more about how to Migrate SharePoint Site to another tenant and Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration.