Why the Pandemic Might Have a Good Impact on Overlanding

coronavirus Covid-19
coronavirus Covid-19

It’s not a surprise anymore that traveling is not how it used to be. The way we traveled before is either not possible anymore or limited for the time being. It’s also not certain when things will get back on track. This is all due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is why overlanding is a good solution to this problem, especially if you still want to explore the world despite the pandemic.

Post-COVID Overlanding

The new coronavirus has changed the world and people’s lives in the process. The dangers of the virus are making individuals all over the world paranoid. Some are losing their jobs, and others are worried about the impact on their travel plans and what the future will bring.

The pandemic caused borders to close, or travel to be restricted from and to different countries. And even when travel is allowed, multiple restrictions have to be considered to maintain everyone’s safety and avoid the spread of the virus.

As such, many people turn to nature now, being more willing to explore what the planet has to offer us, instead of planning to go to crowded beaches or themed parks. Overlanding is one experience that takes people around the world but in a different way. It allows them to see travel through a new perspective. Overlanding is more about the road than the destination, which is something that people need during these times.

Overlanding will give you the chance to be spiritual and become one with nature and may even open your eyes to things you have probably ignored before. So, since people have limited choices when it comes to traveling, they may pick up overlanding. After this experience, the chances are that they will prefer this to other travel methods, or other experiences. They will form new habits, and might rather avoid huge crowds and opt for a more individual experience instead.

In a survey, 45.8% of the people who participated said they went for overlanding and ended up canceling regular vacations like theme parks, hotels, or flights.

Is Overlanding the Perfect Vacation After the Pandemic?

As mentioned, overlanding takes you to explore the world, on a trip where the destination is not important, but the road is. It’s a more complex trip than car-camping.

An overlanding adventure can take weeks and even months, depending on what route you’re taking. Therefore, this might be the best opportunity for people who are tired of sitting between four walls waiting for the coronavirus to be over. After spending so much time indoors, you’ll want to make up for the time you lost because of the restrictions and risks.

So, what better way to do it than overlanding? What’s even better is that all the time you probably spend online will allow you to meet people interested in overlanding too. This makes it easy to ask for other travelers’ opinions, tips, and experiences.

Overlanding – What Gear to Take With You

If you’re planning to join the overlanding life after the pandemic, then it’s important to know what gear to take with you. Some of the basic gear includes:

  • Vehicle repair kit
  • Satellite phone
  • First aid kit
  • Roadside emergency kit
  • Jerry cans or an extra gas tank
  • Battery charger for your car
  • A great navigation system

Aside from these, you may need to bring some other stuff for when you’re camping. That being said, you may want to consider getting some portable chairs and a stove with propane. Appropriate clothing for different types of weather is recommended too.

You should also get a water filtration system, some sleeping bags or air mattresses, a tent, and a cooler with long ice retention. If possible and if it’s also allowed, you can bring some fishing/hunting gear too.

Favorite Overlanding Locations

Although you may be excited to start your overlanding adventure as soon as possible, you may want to look through some of the most popular destinations. However, if you’re planning to overland before the pandemic is over, you need to keep in mind that some countries may still have their borders closed for protection. Make sure to research before you leave your country and expect changes depending on how the pandemic evolves.

Some very famous locations for overlanding are:

  • The Continental Divide
  • Rubicon Trail, California
  • Moab, Utah
  • Dalton Highway in Alaska
  • Black Bear Pass, Colorado

Why Overlanding May Rise in Popularity

Overlanding may become more sought-after in the future, especially after the pandemic we’ve all experienced. Here are some reasons why overlanding may gain more popularity:

  • Flexibility

You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the destination because, as already mentioned, the destination doesn’t matter. The road is the most important.

Even if you leave your house with a certain destination in mind, you can easily just pick another one if you change your mind during the trip. As long as you have a good time on the road, that’s all that matters.

  • Independence

Since you may not be able to fly or rely on other public transportation right now, overlanding gives you the chance to become independent. Therefore, you can use your own vehicle to go to different places and explore the world. This is much more convenient than relying on public transport because you control your own trip and everything’s more fun.

  • Great Family Times

Whether you’re going with your friends or family, one thing’s for sure – you will spend more time together and strengthen your bond while creating memories. Our normal life may keep us away from each other at some point, but overlanding allows us to connect on a different level.

Besides, if there’s a problem, everyone is going to help, and everything will be more organized, which is a plus.

Final Thoughts

Overlanding might be the ideal experience even after COVID-19 goes away. People’s conception of traveling has changed during the pandemic and more individuals will prefer overlanding over public transportation and airplanes. Take the chance and explore the world! You will not regret it.