The UK”s biggest virtual sports 

UK virtual sports
UK virtual sports

Although virtual sports have been around for a while and have slowly been gaining popularity, the global pandemic led to an increase in popularity of this kind of betting as it was the only way to bet on certain sports for a few months, or at least the best way for some punters.  

Even with most sports returning, some who have made the switch to virtual sports are going to stay with virtual sports. Most major companies offer a selection of these, and here are the UK’s most popular virtual sports.  


To very little surprise, football is one of the most popular virtual sports to bet on. New online sites  like Findbettingsites usually offer a game every five minutes or so, and you can bet on the result of the game, on the correct score or even on the total number of goals.  

The game will play out in front of your eyes and you will see all the highlights, not just the goals which builds the suspense each time a highlight starts showing. The simulations are generally not shockingly realistic, but they have a certain charm to them that make them enjoyable to watch even if not wagering on them.  

The matches will be between national sides or between clubs that could be fictitious such as Lisbon Reds or Olympique Juniors, although it is usually obvious which team they are meant to be. It can be amusing to guess which team they are supposed to be however, as sometimes it is not clear.  

Greyhound racing 

Greyhound racing is also virtually on offer for punters to gamble on, and they can place bets on the winner or do a forecast or tricast. First, the dogs will all be quickly presented one by one on the stream, and then the three lap race will take place. It is a similar style to the football simulation, but it is more realistic for greyhound racing.  

The advantage of virtual greyhound racing other than it is permanently available is the fact that there are no worries of animal abuse and there are no ethical questions about this practice, since the dogs are not real. If you are worried about the treatment of greyhounds, then you can still bet on this with a clear conscience.  

Motor racing 

Motor racing is another popular virtual sport. Once again, punters can bet on winners or do a forecast or a tricast. It is very similar to the greyhound racing and with both you get commentary.  

It is like getting only the final couple of laps from a real event, as the stream has commentators, the noises of the racing and the unpredictability of the competition, so motor racing fans who need their fix need look no further.  

Horse racing 

Unsurprisingly, horse racing is very popular for betting on virtual sports. Just like motor racing and greyhound racing, betting is done on winners or forecasts or tricasts and commentary and atmosphere are present thanks to the sounds of the horses running. Both normal horse races and horse jumping is available to bet on, and both are equally as exciting, capturing the essence of what real races are like. 

Speedway racing 

The final sport on this list is speedway racing. Four bikes take each other on a flat dirt track and only bets on winners are available. Speedway often has lots of twists and turns in respect to the leader board and it is very satisfying to watch the bikes glide across the dirt even if it is virtual, especially if your pick is winning!  


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