Stimulus Check 2: Debates Ongoing To Come To A Decision For More Financial Aid

Stimulus Check
Stimulus check

Lawmakers who are for or against sending out checks can send $600 direct payments based on a new plan instead of sending out a sum of $1200 which were sent to Americans past spring. President Trump put forward this proposal of including $600 payments/individual or per child and $1200/couple.

Meanwhile, leaders like Bernie Sanders, Senator are still pushing for a $1200 stimulus check 2. This week, Sanders tweeted that 1 out of 4 workers make below $20,000 or are unemployed and Congress should provide $1200 to the people in the working classes now. This new push comes after the $908 billion plan decided to exclude stimulus check 2.

Details About Stimulus Check 2

A stimulus check 2 can push the total above $1 trillion with around $300 billion if it contains $1200 and around $150 billion if the check value becomes half/adult. The proposal submitted by Trump’s administration will cost around $916 billion if it contains stimulus check 2 worth $600.But it will cut down unemployment funding to $40 billion from $180 billion.

Chuck Schumer, Minority Leader, Senate, and Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker termed it as unacceptable in their joint statement. Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader, Senate want to bring the cost down but indicated a possibility of having stimulus check 2 in the final deal. However, some hurdles are going to determine the pace of these payments getting out. Bill Hoagland confirmed that they won’t be having a package till the 18th of the month. If Congress decides on stimulus check 2 they will not be reaching the Americans before 20th January. The timing will be crucial because the IRS will also have to deal with the tax filings around that time.

However, changing the qualifications of eligibility for the second stimulus check can also make matters regarding reaching people quickly more difficult. Non-filers would have to be more careful in submitting extra information to IRS within time.