Willow Smith On Practicing Polyamory

Willow Smith
Willow Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith, the American actress and mother of two, attended the platform of “Red Table Talk.” The matters of discussion on the platform included the polyamorous nature of her daughter, Willow Smith. It was a very healthy and positive exchange of thoughts.

Willow Smith’s Personal Thoughts

Jada Smith was asked about how she felt about knowing that her 20-year-old daughter identifies herself as polyamorous. The one to ask the question was Willow Smith herself. The reply that the actor gave was an extremely positive one. She stated that all she wanted for her daughter to have is clear intentions. She claimed that as long as that is taken care of, her daughter has the right to lead her life as she pleases. 

The 49-year-old further added that unconventional things are often beautiful. She also had something to say about the system of monogamy. Jada Pinkett Smith stated that the reason why people practice monogamy is because of the fact that they assume that there is no other option outside of that. 

Willow Smith also gave an insight into her understanding of the system of polyamorous in the interview. The singer, songwriter, rapper, and actress stated that the biggest advantage when it comes to the practice of polyamory is that it can be customized. That is there is freedom in creating a kind of relationship in accordance with personal choices. And this is very different from practicing monogamy. That is because one goes for monogamy only because that is considered to be the right practice.

Willow Smith claimed that the main question that came into her mind was how to create the kind of a relationship that is best suited for herself. The daughter of the Hollywood actor, Will Smith, was forced to speak about how she approached sex. The one to raise the question was Adrienne Banfield Jones, the granny of Willow Smith. She replied stating that sex is not something her lifestyle is centered around.

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