Sixers Dominates Through Joel Embiid To Take Game 2


The Atlanta Hawks and the Philadelphia 76ers played out a scintillating match on Tuesday with both sides enjoying brief moments in the lead. The match was being held in the Wells Fargo Center. However, the Sixers were the ones to go in front the most and by quite a margin on the night.

Sixers Tie The Series 1-1

The Sixers however failed to consolidate their lead each time they went in front. The Hawks were resilient in their willingness to fight back and responded by hot baskets from their own end. However, near the end of the fourth quarter, the Sixers had managed to build a lead of 20 points. The Hawks’ comeback stamina also ran out of steam for the night. This resulted in the game finishing 118-102 in the favour of the Sixers.

For Philadelphia, Joel Embiid was the leader for the night. He finished the game with a personal best 40 points in all the playoffs he has played. But it was not just a one-man show, as the team made his life a lot easier. Tobias Harris scored 22 points. He was the dominant force in the beginning quarter. Alongside him, Seth Curry was in a blazing form as well. He went 5-for-6 from outside the arc and scored 21 points.

For Atlanta, Danilo Gallinari and Trae Young were the ones on the frontlines. Their offensive play got them each 21 points, which was the highest for the team. However, the Sixers’ attack proved to be too brutal in the end.

With this result, the Sixers have managed to tie the series with both teams having won one game apiece. For the third game, the stage will in Atlanta on Friday in the State Farm Arena. Nevertheless, Joel Embiid’s recovery from his torn meniscus in the last round is looking fine.