Peter Andre Takes A Break From Lockdown, Enjoys A Bike-Ride Before An Easter Egg Hunt

Peter Andre
Peter Andre

Easter celebrations at Peter Andre’s residence did not stick to their home. It consisted of some fresh-air, a bike-ride and a surprise egg hunt. 

Outside their home at Surrey, Peter Andre, singer, was spotted with his wife Emily and their three children, Amelia, Theo and their eldest daughter Princess on Saturday. 

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While the kids enjoyed a bike-ride, the couple decided to enjoy an Easter walk by the side of their children. Next, the couple surprised their children with a chocolate egg hunt as a part of their Easter celebration. 

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While the kids enjoyed their search for chocolate eggs, the couple enjoyed working together on fixing their children’s bikes and in their garden. The children found some eggs hidden under a car, in their post box etc. 

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This was a much-needed break for Emily after her tiresome working days at NHS which is treating coronavirus patients. A time with her family was just what she needed after her column on OK!Magazine which stated, “My sleep has been terrible, but I’ve been doing mindfulness exercises on my phone and that’s really great.” 


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