Yeshiva University cancels classes after student diagnosed with coronavirus

yeshiva University
yeshiva University

Students at Yeshiva University’s Washington Heights grounds were shaken Wednesday morning by news that a student has been confirmed to have the coronavirus.

“I am kinda stressed. I’m simply trying to remain out of the campus. However, much as could reasonably be expected,” a 23-year-old student who recognized himself only as Noah revealed to The Post.

“I don’t know there is an arrangement set up, yet they dropped classes today. I believe it’s a fitting precaution,” he added.

Adam Bressler, 22, a pre-prescription science student, said the “story is unfurling.”

“We are getting many updates. I had a midterm today yet it’s been pushed until Monday,” he said.

Another student at the Wilf grounds on West 185th Street said the senior member had made an announcement that “the grounds are sheltered and nobody ought to be stressed over transmission, yet they dropped classes so nobody feels awkward sitting in classes.”

A fourth student said the feeble undergrad “said he was simply encountering cold side effects. He is an extremely mellow case. He needed people to concentrate on his dad,” alluding to Midtown lawyer Lawrence Garbuz, 50, who is hospitalized in Manhattan.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo prior Wednesday reported that Garbuz’s son, 14-year-old girl, spouse, and neighbor have been determined to have COVID-19.

Yeshiva reported that it dropped all classes at the Wilf grounds.

Two people who had contact with the student also was taken to Bellevue Hospital for testing, Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement.

One male student wearing a veil and hood was seen being accompanied by two EMTs in protective gear to an FDNY ambulance.

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