You Can Use Some iPhone 8 Parts Inside An iPhone SE

It wouldn’t exactly be a fallacy to mention that one can easily interchange the iPhone SE with parts of an iPhone 8. For, the pieces that can be transferred are definitely more than you think it to be. You can shift the camera, the display assembly, SIM tray, and a few other parts that can easily be put into an iPhone SE. Well, if you don’t believe us, iFixit has done it already! 

What Can’t You Put Into The iPhone SE

There are a few parts that you can’t change- the touch ID button from iPhone 8. Or for the matter, any other iPhone into your iPhone SE. You can change it if you take it to an Apple store, but it would be at a cost. Also, forget using an iPhone 8 battery. Although the previous model uses a Lithium-ion battery, the conductor is different in the SE. 

Despite a couple of limits, iFixit is of the opinion that the iPhone SE is a much better model than most other iPhones which have no compatibility with previous models. If nothing else, this model is definitely for those who would love to have their iPhone work for ages without changing with the trend. And, you can save yourself some bucks by having a technician work on your phone rather than buying a more expensive phone altogether. 

Forget the processor too. I mean, it isn’t really all that surprising, is it? As far as the display assembly and camera go, you can change it if you have no issues with losing True Tone color adjustments in the iPhone SE.