Katherine Heigl Shares Her Harsh Experience During Grey’s Anatomy

Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl has recently shared some of the most difficult experiences she faced throughout her career. Heigl has revealed that she has been tagged with many labels like being “unprofessional”, “ungrateful” and “difficult”. She has also said that most of these reputations about Heigl had developed during her work in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. Heigl played the character of Izzy Stevens in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ from 2005 to 2010. 

Heigl,42, also won the Emmy award for her performance in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. In spite of winning the Emmy, she withdrew herself from contesting for Emmy the next year. In a recent interview, Heigl has shared her bitter experience and the reasons behind her reluctance to perform in the series anymore.

Labels That Put Katherine Heigl Into Mental Stress

According to Katherine Heigl, she has faced various criticism for being the way she is. She has been called ungrateful and an unprofessional actor. She also told that her producers gave her a 17hours work schedule. Heigl revealed that she did not express herself against the criticisms initially as she thought that she might be the one who is wrong. She felt scared and anxious thinking that she had made some terrible mistake.

According to Heigl, all the shunning and shaming that she faced on the set, made her suffer from extreme anxiety. She added that she sought help from her husband and mother to cope up with the stress she was facing. In an interview in 2019, Heigl told that working in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ made her feel like she was just giving a guest appearance.

Katherine Heigl is now set to perform in ‘Firefly Lane’ which is a Netflix series. As she expressed the terrible anxiety she faced by the criticisms and labels, Heigl said that she cannot completely reject the idea of appearing in the new seasons of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. She stated that her decision will wholly depend on the team of the show.

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