You Need to See this stock? VBI Vaccines (VBIV)


VBIV is a company that deals in biopharmaceuticals. The firm focuses on immunology and pursues powerful treatment and prevention of disease. On 12th April, the company released data and upcoming steps regarding VBI Vaccine’s immunotherapeutic candidate for hepatitis B.

Overview Of The VBIV Vaccine

The vaccine is named VBI-2601 (BRII-179) and the data is regarding the clinical study of Phase 1b/2a of the vaccine. The phase is a controlled, randomized study that assesses the immunologic and antiviral activity, tolerability, and safety of the vaccine when administered to 46 patients with non-cirrhotic livers.

The data from 33 patients that were evaluable suggest that the VBI vaccine was tolerated well at any level of dosage. The antibody response and T cell responses in the unadjuvanted arms of the study are in a comparable range for both 20 micrograms and 40 micrograms. Brii and VBI are aiming to present the complete dataset for the phase later at a conference in 2021.

Recent Status Of VBIV Stock After Data Release

VBIV stock includes the debt on the balance sheets from the company. The beta of the stock stands at 2.03. It has a market capitalization of 695.97 million. The company last reported revenue of $1.06M and a current net income that stands at -$46.23M. The current, quick, and cash ratios for VBIV stock are 7.61, 7.49, and 6.87 respectively. The 50-day moving average stands at 3.19, while the 200-day moving average is at 3.09. 

Analysts have given a consensus rating of “buy” for the stock. The average price objective is $7.50. The average is from a total of four analysts that have covered VBIV stock. The highest estimate of the stock is $9.00 while the lowest estimate stands at $6.00. Raymond James, Oppenheimer, and BMO have all issued ratings of “buy” for the company’s stock.