January 6 Committee Subpoenaed 6 People On Tuesday

January 6 committee January 6 Investigation

The House January 6 committee looking into the Capitol riot on Jan. 6 subpoenaed a half-dozen persons on Tuesday, alleging they were involved in drafting rival elector slates to contest President Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory.

Kelli Ward, the Arizona Republican Party chair, who previously tried to prevent the January 6 committee from acquiring her phone records, and Pennsylvania state Sen. Doug Mastriano, an active proponent of the baseless notion that the presidential election was rigged, are among those being subpoenaed.

January 6 Committee Wants To Learn More About Finchem’s Statement

Ward and her husband, an avid admirer of former President Donald Trump who attempted to reverse Biden’s electoral win in Arizona, were part of a phony slate of electors.

Ward and Mastriano did not reply to demands for comment right away.

The additional subpoenas come only weeks after the panel summoned 14 of the 84 so-called alternative electors who fraudulently claimed Trump had won their states’ elections.

Mark Finchem, who is competing for Secretary of State in Arizona and has Trump’s endorsement, was also served with a subpoena on Tuesday.

Finchem’s statements that the election was “rigged” and his discussions with organizers of the “Stop the Steal” event on Jan. 6 are being investigated by the committee, according to Thompson.

The January 6 committee also wants to learn more about Finchem’s remarks that he traveled to Washington to deliver an evidence book and letter to Vice President Pence outlining key evidence of fraud in the Arizona Presidential Election and requesting that he consider postponing the election, according to Thompson.

Finchem did not reply to a request for comment right away.

According to Thompson, subpoenas were also served to two members of Trump’s campaign staff who are accused of participating in a “planned operation” to engage Republican state lawmakers to draw up alternate slates of electors.