Zendaya Cozies Up With Tom Holland


Zendaya is turning out to be a very caring lover. It has almost been six months since the actress(Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman) made her new relationship official. Audiences always rumored about the off-screen chemistry of the Spiderman duo. 

However, both the actors did not address them with seriousness. It was just recently that they came out publicly and revealed their relationship. Coleman and Tom both seem to be deeply in love with each other. 

They could not take their eyes off each other during the premieres of “No Way Home”. Holland was found waiting by reporters while he was busy staring at Coleman. Recent incidents suggested that things are getting more serious for the couple. The duo was spotted spending time with Tom Holland’s family in the United Kingdom. 

Holland’s brothers and his mom were also spotted alongside the star couple. Holland and Zendaya Coleman were headed to Broadway to catch ” Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. The fun times of the couple did not end at Broadway though. 

The day after their visit to the theatre, the duo cozied up with one another. Holland and Coleman looked adorable together as they strolled their way across the streets. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Zendaya Madly In Love With Tom Holland

Zendaya seems to have totally fallen for our Spiderman. The actress was seen holding her boyfriend close to her recently. Coleman held Tom by the waist as the couple enjoyed their walk during the day.

 Coleman has been talking about Tom at every opportunity she gets. Coleman stated in a recent interview that she wanted Tom to make an appearance in “Euphoria“. 

When Tom was asked about Zendaya’s proposal, he immediately agreed. It will be fun to see if something of that sort happens. For the time being, the duo is living an adorable life with each other.