$1050 Stimulus Check For Californians

Stimulus Checks of up to $1,050 will be given to millions of residents in one state to help cover the high cost of petrol and other items.

Following a framework agreement between legislative leaders and Governor Gavin Newsom on the state budget for 2022–2023, the payments to Californians will be made, the governor’s office said on Sunday.

A portion of California’s budget surplus, which reached a record at $97 billion, would be used in the proposal to give money back to taxpayers.

According to a press release from Newsom’s office, 23 million Californians would get payments totaling up to $1,050 as part of a $17 billion “inflation relief” plan. According to the agreement, people with dependents and lower incomes would get higher direct payments.

Are You Eligible For The New Stimulus Check?

Couples who earn less than $150,000 annually and singles who make less than $75,000 annually will each get $350 in benefits, with an additional $350 if they have at least one dependent.

Therefore, a married couple with one kid and an annual income of under $150,000 would get a $1,050 Stimulus Check. Couples and individuals making less than $125,000 annually would get $250 apiece, with an additional $250 for dependents.

Couples earning less than $500,000 and individuals earning less than $250,000 annually would each get $200 in addition to an additional $200 for dependents. A suspension of the state’s diesel sales tax and more funding to assist Californians in paying their rent and energy bills are also part of the package. In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s shocking decision on Friday, which reversed Roe v. Wade, the seminal 1973 decision that had established a constitutional right to abortion, it has also added $200 million to reproductive health care services.

To compensate for rising gas costs, Newsom had previously suggested delivering $400 Stimulus Checks to registered car owners, but that idea was rejected by lawmakers.