‘$1,200 won’t cut it’ | Lawmakers unveil plan to send Americans $2,000 per month for 6 months

COVID-19 pandemic
COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting America in an unprecedented manner. There have been many job layoffs and it seems like the economy is spiraling downwards. Families are struggling to put food on the tables. They require the help of the government and state representatives. Ro Khanna (Calif.-17) and Tim Ryan (Ohio-13) are proposing that Americans should get a 2000 dollar check every month while the pandemic keeps them out of their jobs. They are proposing to sanction the Emergency Money For the People Act.

According to this Act, Americans who are eligible to get the money will get $2,000 each month for about 6 months. It should continue until the economy gets back to normal and thriving levels.

Who would be eligible?

Single Americans who are 16 years or above and earn less than 130,000 dollars annually should get this monthly remuneration from the government. Americans who are married and who get less than 260,000 dollars annually should get a 4000 dollars check per month, with $500 for each child, capped at 3 children. 

The money will not be taxable as it will not be considered income.

This proposal is different from the CARES Act as it widens the eligibility and involves more people in America. Unlike the previous Act, with this Act people who are in college or adults with any disability can get a check even if they are dependent. Plus, unemployed or currently unemployed people will also get the benefits.

How is the money distributed?

The legislation should be responsible for delivering the money via direct deposit, checks or payment apps like Paypal, Zelle or Venmo. The proposals already have 17 Democratic sponsors on board. No Republicans have come on board yet. 

Negotiations are underway.