Stephen Colbert Invites And Then Ditches Conan O’Brien

Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert has made an absolute mess of himself. The Emmy was buzzing with rumors about Conan O’Brien. Everyone was talking about how Conan crashed onto the stage when Colbert received the award. 

However, later it was found out that the fault was Colbert’s. The Outstanding Variety Special Emmy was given to Colbert. However, everyone was startled to see that Conan, who did not win, was present at the stage as well. The well-known comedy actor was spotted to be posing for the camera. 

The audience did not like the scene. It felt awkward and everybody thought he had crashed the award ceremony. Conan has been clicked along with the crew members of the winning show. However, Colbert clarified the whole incident shortly after the event. Let us find out more about the news below.

Stephen Colbert Wins Big On Emmy 

Colbert confirmed after the award ceremony that he was the person who invited Conan. Colbert said that he knocked on the doors of O’Brien and asked him to join them. Colbert stated that he wanted to pay respect to the veteran comedian. He asked him to accompany their team on the stage. 

Conan was very much startled at the offer. He was hesitant initially to agree. He kept on asking repeatedly if Stephen Colbert was serious about what he was saying. After getting convinced, he finally agreed to join the team on stage. However, he asked Colbert to convey him in case of a plan change. 

This is where Stephen Colbert messed things up. Conan was nowhere to be seen at the after-party. Colbert stated that due to budgetary restrictions, he had to ditch him. Stephen also pointed towards covid as a major reason for tight budgets. However, Colbert did not forget to mention his huge respect towards O’Brien. 

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