17 US States Offering Stimulus Checks & Tax Rebates Soon

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

US state residents are thrilled as they have been receiving additional stimulus checks during this season of fall. States have decided on providing relief payments to help their people cope with the high living costs and inflation since most residents are not able to buy food and medication. 

Find Out Which States Are Giving Stimulus Checks

Colorado decided in May that they will give $750 to individuals and $1,500 to couples filing tax rebates within 30th September. 

Californian people will receive another round of stimulus check money worth $1,050 from 22nd October to February 2023. Residents must have filed their taxes by 15th October 2021. 

Florida announced a $450 one-time payment to families and children. This payment is part of the Rescue American Plan Act that approved $35.5 million for eligible people within 30th September. 

Georgia passed a House Bill where taxpayers will get a refund from $250 to $500 based on income levels. 

Hawaii taxpayers will get a $100 to $300 refund if single residents earn under $100,000 and couples less than $200,000 annually. 

More Relief Payments 

Idaho will provide a 12% tax reduction or $75 depending on the higher amount. 

A tax rebate for Illinois residents of $300 is approved. 

Single residents of Maine will certainly receive $850 while couples will get $1,700 after filing taxes. 

Residents earning less in Massachusetts will get stimulus check relief payments worth $500. 

New Jersey has approved $500 as tax credits for children along with launching an ANCHOR program for homeowners. 

New Mexico tax rebates between $250 and $500 have been provided. Non-filers also received some money. 

The Government of Pennsylvania will offer a $445 worth of tax rebate this fall. 

South Carolina is giving a tax rebate of $800 to eligible residents. 

Virginian individual residents will get $250 as a one-time payment while couples will get $500.

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