Fans Supportive As Kim Cattrall Makes A Quiet Exit From Sex And The City Reboot: Jessica Parker And Other Return

Kim Cattrall
Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall, the famous Samantha Jones of Sex and the City has been silently soaking in the reaction to her quiet exit from the reboot of the show. Fans and viewers discussed their opinions about the popular series’ return as And Just Like That.

Kim Cattrall, 65, confined herself to liking a number of tweets the sequel to Sex and the City and her non-participation. Most of the views were about her choice not to be a part of the show again as the much-beloved publicist.

Fans Were Supportive Of Kim Cattrall’s Decision

One fan tweeted that Kim Cattrall has been a topic of much discussion. She applauded her choice and said that it was the right thing to do. The tweet said that she did not have to do anything that doesn’t make her happy.

Kim Cattrall liked the comment. Emily Shapiro, the eminent publicist, tweeted that she had enough of news items of the pop culture era, including the news that Kim would not be there in the reboot version of Sex and the City. Cattrall liked this post too.

Kim Cattrall was licentious publicist Carrie Bradshaw opposite Parker in Sex and the City. It was on the air from 1998 to 2004. The popularity of the show also led to two movies.

Rumors of a 3rd movie have been around since the 2010 movie but Cattrall had clearly stated that she was not interested in reliving the role. She said she was lucky she had a choice and she wouldn’t be of any good in a role that she had not been interested in.

Cattrall had earlier said that she did not develop a rapport with her costars from SATC. It was a professional setup and never went beyond that. She said their relationship ended with the series, which was a common ground for them. Parker had been upset about the comment and felt that she did not see it that way.

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