20 Examples Of Digital Citizenship –

20 Examples Of Good Digital Citizenship

by TeachThought Staff

What is good digital citizenship?

Previously, we’ve offered a definition of digital citizenship in the past. Below, we offer some specific examples of good digital citizenship. From communicating with on social media with clarity and respect to respecting other’s privacy to thinking critically and carefully about ideas and conversations and events before responding or contributing, practicing good digital citizenship is often a matter of the golden rule–and a little bit of common sense.

20 Examples Of Digital Citizenship

1. Think Critically

It may not seem so, but thinking clearly and critically is at the heart of any form of citizenship. That’s actually a worthwhile topic for another post entirely, but for now, consider that thinking critically about the things you read online (and off)–especially sensationalized headlines and other misleading or polarizing content meant to elicit an emotional response in readers–is good digital citizenship 101.

Also examples? Avoiding cognitive bias and logical fallacies, fact-checking information, grasping the subtleties in points being made in published content or social media, and more are all examples of digital citizenship.

2. Monitor

Monitoring the net effect of your activity…

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