Social Security Worth $914 Through Direct Payment Will Be Received In 23 Days

social security payment
social security payment

The administration of Social Security had previously announced offering an Income program of Supplemental Security. This Social Security payment will be sent out to the eligible recipients within the next 3 weeks. The SSA schedule has informed the beneficiaries about receiving their next installment within 23 days. 

The administration of Social Security has also mentioned that this next payment is going to be delivered within 23 days that is 1st August 2023, Tuesday. This day is going to be the 1st payment for recipients from the month of June mainly owing to the reason that no payments were made in the month of July. In addition, there was confusion in the SSA schedule that led to 2 payments in the month of June itself. 

Next Cycle Of Social Security Payment 

SSA adjusted their calendar that promises beneficiaries to receive 12 checks more checks this year despite the fact that they already got 2 checks in a few months while no payments in a few other months. SSA had delivered 2 Social Security checks in 4 months including December, September, June, and March. 

Qualifications And Payment Amounts 

Social Security beneficiaries will receive benefits only if they have filed for them. Individual beneficiaries will get $914 monthly while couples will get $1,371. Moreover, essential persons receiving necessary care and SSI checks will receive $458. 

SSA has informed that every person must be over 65 years old to be eligible for this payment. They must also fulfill the financial threshold or be a person with a physical disability. Retirees will get a different SSI than others will be receiving. SSI benefits will also be provided monthly to children and adults with blindness and other disability along with low income. SSI benefits started being offered in 1974 January.