Dune Finally Makes It Past 100million


Dune had been a much-anticipated release. The film was hyped up significantly and did not disappoint. After its release, fans from all over the world heaped praises for the movie. However, there was a small problem. The production house and the director seemed to be at war. Denis Villeneuve was the director of the film. He seemed very much unhappy about the way Warner Bros approached the film. 

The digital release of the movie was scheduled on the same day as its theatrical release. He lashed out at Warner Bros and accused them of being careless. Denis stated that releasing the movie on a digital platform so early is an insult to the actors. 

This made the box office collection of Dune get stuck. The slow collection was predominantly due to its digital release. People did not see the need to buy tickets to watch the movie in a theatre. After a long time, finally, good news has been delivered. Dune has finally managed to cross the 100million mark at the box office. Let us know more about the incident in detail below. 

Dune Gets A Major Boost 

Despite being a great film, Dune was stuck at the box office. They could not make enough money due to a number of reasons. A large reason was the simultaneous release of the film on HBO Max. Another big reason was the pandemic. The covid has impacted people’s lives greatly. They are now unwilling to step out in the open. The government has allowed the reopening of theatres. However, the citizens are still fearful. 

Fortunately enough, Dune has managed to defy all the odds. The movie got a huge boost as they edged past the 100million mark at the box office. Dune is now the second film of Warner Bros this year to have surpassed 100million. The other film to have achieved the feat was “Godzilla vs Kong”.