2023 Stanley Cup Updates

Stanley Cup

16 teams participate and compete with each other in the Stanley Cup. Here are a few highlights of the 2023 Stanley Cup. According to ESPN, the Stanley trophy is the most magnificent in sports

Starting with the Boston Bruins, who had secured its position as the No.1 seed. However, their position was driven out by loss at the May 1 match against the Florida Panthers in the first round.

Meanwhile, the Colorado Avalanche in the West hoped to retain their position in the league as they had become the Stanley champions in 2022 after defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning. This year, however, their loss at the game against the Seattle Kraken on May 1, has changed that status.

The Stanley Cup now stands at the juncture with four teams as finals. In the east, it was the Florida Panthers against the Carolina Hurricanes, which on May 23, the Panthers won against the Hurricanes scoring 1-0. In the West, it is the Vegas Golden Knights against the Dallas Stars scheduled on May 24.

Stanley Cup History 

The origin of the Stanley Cup goes back to the late Victorian era when Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom appointed Lord Stanley of Preston as the Canadian Governor General in 1888. Lord Stanley had become very impressed and interested in ice hockey after he saw a match at the Montreal Hockey Club. The famed silver Stanley trophy was donated by Lord Stanley himself. The trophy was previously called the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup, however, by May 1 of 1893, the cup was formally called the Stanley Cup. Since then, the Stanley Cup has continued as an icon for Canadian ice hockey for over a century.