25th Amendment Invocation By Lawmaker Kinzinger, Following The Capitol Protest

25th Amendment
25th Amendment

Adam Kinzinger made a call to invoke the 25thAmendment. He is the representative from the Grand Old Party who took a serious initiative this Thursday. This was done as a measure to remove Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America, from office. With this action, he is the first GOP legislator to take such an initiative.

Why The 25th Amendment?

This incident comes as a follow up of the violent protests that outbroke in the US Capitol by the pro-Trump citizens. This was done by them in order to overturn the 2020 presidential election results, a target that was always in the mind of President Trump. The advocate of the 25th Amendment, Adam Kinzinger, directly lays the blame for the violence on President Trump. The war veteran who now serves in the Air Force currently, claimed that it was the president himself who had asked his supporters to march till the Capitol.

Kinzinger took to the social media platform, Twitter, to express his feelings, following the unprecedented public defiance. He posted a video where he directly made the accusation on President Trump for the unlawful activity and advocated his reasons for bringing about the 25th Amendment. He also went on to say that it would not be wrong if the President resigned from his office, voluntarily or involuntarily, following the undemocratic incident. Kinzinger also referred to the president as unwell.

The caption typed in the video that was shared by Kinzinger over his Twitter account mentioned the 25th Amendment. The war veteran wrote that now was the right time to invoke the 25th Amendment in order to restore democracy in the United States of America.

There have been incidents when the 25th Amendment had been invoked. It was when the president was under anesthesia. The administrative power had been transferred to the vice president temporarily.