3 Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Queens, NY and How You Can Avoid a Car Accident

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Queens has a reputation for having some of the most dangerous Roads and intersections in New York. According to data from the NYPD, there were over 110,000 car accidents in New York City in 2019 alone. Slightly over 33,000 of these accidents happened in Queens.

While an accident can occur on any road in Queens, some roads and intersections record more accidents than others. Below are some of the deadliest sections of roads and their intersections in Queens that you may want to navigate with caution.

The Most Dangerous Roads in Queens

The Northern Boulevard

The Northern Boulevard is the deadliest road in Queens. This traffic artery connects I-295 and I-678 and runs through Long Island.

The section of this roadway that passes through Queens recorded approximately 280 accidents in 2021 alone, making it the most dangerous road in Queens that year.

Northern Boulevard’s most dangerous intersections include Cross Parkway, Parsons Boulevard, 126th street, Union Street, and Prince Boulevard, with 17,11,9,9,8 accidents, respectively.

Queens Boulevard

According to 2021 statistics, Queens Boulevard was the second deadliest road in Queens, accounting for over 220 accidents. Queen’s Boulevard runs across Queens from Jamaica Avenue to the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge, providing road users access to I-278, I-495, and I-678.

Over half of all accidents on this road happened on its intersections, with some of the most dangerous intersections being the Jackson avenue, Wood Haven Boulevard, 39th street, 57th, and Skillman avenue, which accounted for 15,14, 9, 9, and 8 accidents, respectively.

The North Conduit Avenue

The North Conduit Avenue runs east to west from Hook Creek Boulevard to Sutter Avenue, providing drivers access to I-168 and JFK Kennedy. In 2021, approximately 213 accidents occurred on this road.

North Conduit Avenue is the only road in Queens whose accidents did not result in fatalities in 2021. Surprisingly, the Cohancy Street intersection on this road registered the highest number of accidents in Queens at 22.

Other intersections with a relatively high number of accidents include 84th street, 160th street, 134th, and 225th at 12, 11, 10, and 10, respectively.

In Case of an Accident, a Local Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you often drive on any of these roads or intersections, your best efforts may not guarantee your safety because you cannot control the other drivers’ actions. Luckily, you may be eligible to recover compensation if you suffer an injury in an accident caused by someone else’s negligent actions.

Even though you may not need a car accident lawyer when filing a personal injury claim, it is essential to have one, especially if your injury has resulted in huge medical bills and lost wages. However, you have to do sufficient due diligence to ensure you choose a lawyer that gets you out of trouble and ensures you recover what you rightfully deserve.

How to Avoid an Accident Driving on Queens Roads and Intersections

The first step toward avoiding an accident in Queens is identifying the major causes of accidents, such as distraction, speeding, and drunk driving, so you can reduce the chances of getting into problems. You may also want to avoid the rush hour, usually in the morning and the evening, and keep off your phone or any other gadgets that can cause distractions.

Other things you may want to avoid to reduce the chances of getting in an accident in Queens include speeding to beat the yellow light, following too closely, or cutting off other drivers.