3-Day Sudan Ceasefire Announced


Following the “further displacement” of thousands of Sudanese into the neighboring countries of Chad and South Sudan despite a precarious truce between the two rival generals vying for control of the nation, the UN refugee agency issued a warning on Tuesday.

Sudan is currently in a state of disarray brought on by the conflict, which has brought the already highly reliant African country to the verge of collapse.

Sudan Residents Are Living In Terror

At least 20,000 residents have fled into Chad since the fighting started on April 15, and some 4,000  refugees who had been residing in the country have since returned home, according to Olga Sarrado, a spokeswoman for UNHCR.

She warned that the statistics might grow. Sarrado did not have information for the country’s five surrounding nations, although the UNHCR has mentioned unclear numbers of persons fleeing the country and landing in Egypt.

“The fighting appears to be causing further displacement both within and outside the country,” she said at a United Nations briefing in Geneva.

She claimed the UNHCR was expanding its activities even as foreign countries rushed to withdraw their embassy employees and residents from the country. Many Sudanese have anxiously sought ways to flee the pandemonium, anticipating an all-out power struggle once evacuations are complete.

Several prior cease-fires have fallen through, though sporadic lulls during the weekend’s important Muslim holiday permitted spectacular evacuations of hundreds of diplomats, relief workers, and other foreigners by air and land.

More than 800,000 South Sudanese refugees are in the country, with 25 percent of them in Khartoum, the country’s capital, where the war has a direct impact on them.

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