Prince Harry Is Focused On Fulfilling The Duties

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Meghan Markle won’t be attending the King Charles coronation, the news has published last week. She felt it would be highly inauthentic to participate in this coronation. She and King Charles have exchanged letters in the past. Perhaps those are the primary reasons for her not to attend.

However, Prince Harry would be attending his father’s coronation on 6th May. He is not aware of his sitting arrangement yet. Many believe he will not be sitting closely with Price William and Princess Kate, or any other royal members.

Previously disclosed matters regarding the coronation of Megan Markle were arranged to sit in row 54th. 

As the retired members of the royal family, the couple wasn’t even allowed to stand on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on Queen’s platinum Jubilee.

Prince Harry Will Not Be Attending The Dinner Afterwards

Prince Harry has decided to leave as soon as the ceremony of coronation finishes at Westminster Abbey. He has plans to attend his son’s 4th birthday in California.

Immediately after Princess Diana’s demise Prince William and Prince Harry accused her butler of leaking her personal letter. Those letters brought unwanted attention which they wanted to avoid.

An insider told he has no further agenda whatsoever to fix things with his father. He is only bothered about attending the coronation. Prince Harry won’t be attending the gala dinner afterward. During the Queen’s memorial service, he and Meghan Markle sat with Prince William and Princess Kate.

Prince Harry is least bothered about the sitting arrangement. He didn’t receive any sort of information in the mail regarding sitting. Before everything came along he decided to fly to England to be there for his father. He is going to fly to States immediately after the ceremony. No plans to stay further whatsoever.