Goa As an Alternative to Vegas for Casino Lovers: 3 Advantages

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Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It is the land of pleasant beaches, exquisite seafood, and a spell-enchanting bohemian lifestyle. However, apart from its typical highlights, there is another reason why you should plan a trip to Goa: Its casinos!

The casinos in Goa may be relatively smaller in comparison to the massive casino hubs like Las Vegas, but they still present the genuine Vegas gaming experience.

Goa is an excellent substitute for those wishing for a more intimate casino gaming scenario without losing out on the excitement, luxury, and entertainment of Vegas.

Szilvia Sultés (check profile) takes us through some unexpected reasons why Goa just might be an alternative to Vegas.

Does Goa stand a chance against Vegas?

Vegas’ brand positioning can all be attributed to its excellent marketing. They have spent years marketing the city as the casino capital of the world, even though many would factually argue that Macau takes the title home.

Goa, on the other hand, is the fastest-growing casino destination in India, and this is just the beginning. From backgammon and baccarat to roulette and blackjack – there is nothing that you can’t do in Goa that you can in Vegas. And all that at less than half the price!

Goa has favorable casino laws

Goa allows people above 18 to participate in betting activities and is one of the only three Indian states to have legalized casinos. Due to strict rules, only those casinos that meet certain criteria are allowed to host betting and casino games.

Because of this highly regulated environment, casino lovers often feel safe participating in casino gaming and enjoy an authentic experience.

As a casino enthusiast in Goa, you can try your luck at slots, blackjack, or poker from anywhere between INR 100 to a million and more. The atmosphere at the casinos is also very relaxed, unlike its Las Vegas counterpart where you may be forced to spend more by a carefully orchestrated system.

Needless to say, when in Goa, you can still enjoy your preferred tipple and come to the table with a clear head.

You will get the opportunity to help the economy

Vegas makes you spend about $2000 per week on average to experience the city (on a budget). But even then, no amount of money you spend there ever helps uplift the backbone of the casino industry.

Meanwhile, Goa provides you with a luxurious vacation along with several nights at any casino of your choice at a quarter of the price. So, come to think of it, Goa offers you a better bargain than Vegas any day and the chance to contribute to the local economy.

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Casinos in Goa are tourist-oriented

The beaches and cheap alcohol may be the primary reasons why tourists flock to Goa. But this very crowd has motivated the state government to make tourist-friendly laws for everyone who visits the place.

Recently, the state government of Goa banned locals from entering casinos owing to a certain survey that made alarming revelations about the Goans’ casino habits.

The good news is that tourists can rest assured knowing that they won’t be interacting with the locals while enjoying their favorite casino games, given that countless travelers have reported feeling unsafe during their visit to Goa in the past.

Can casinos online in Hungary offer Goa’s experience?

The land of opportunities that is Las Vegas offers a level of thrill that people can’t get back home. But all this fun comes at a steep price, which is part of the reason for the city’s high suicide rate.

On the other hand, Goa offers a more flexible, relaxing casino gaming experience. It prioritizes pleasure and refreshment over spending loads of money on casino games.

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So, the real question is, what’s stopping you?