Calvin Ridley Suspended

Calvin Ridley
Calvin Ridley

Calvin Ridley is one of the biggest names in the NFL circuit. He is one of the most talented players of recent times. Ridley started playing the game from a young age. His talent soon caught everyone’s eyes.

Ridley was quickly drafted into the mix of things in the NFL. He has had huge success in the league. Ridley has guided his team to a number of memorable victories. Ridley has been one of the mainstays of the Atlanta Falcons.

However, the wide receiver seems to be in trouble at the moment. Recent news has shocked the whole football world. Calvin Ridley has been accused of betting. Ridley’s activities came into the forefront after a detailed investigation was made.

It was found out that throughout 2021, he placed a bet on NFL games. Some of the bets were also placed on his team, The Atlanta Falcons. Such developments have compelled the NFL authorities to take strict actions.

As per the latest news m, Calvin Ridley will be facing suspension. The exact tenure of his suspension is yet to be disclosed. However, it seems that Ridley will be out of action for the whole of 2022. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Calvin Ridley Charged With Betting 

Calvin Ridley is going through tough times. He has admitted the allegations to be true. The athlete stated that he placed bets worth $1500 in total.

However, he also told the press that he is not addicted to betting. Ridley stated that he bets just for fun. The athlete has also admitted that what he did was wrong. 

Calvin Ridley apologized to his fans and promised them never to repeat the same. He also stated that the suspension will come as a boon to him. Ridley opted out of mainstream action after Halloween.

The athlete said that he needed some time to organize his personal space. Ridley vowed to come back stronger and better in the coming season.