49ers defeated by Chiefs With A Scoreline Of 19-16

Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy Garoppolo

49ers defeated by Chiefs. The scoreline of the match between 49ers and Chiefs finished with the scoreline of 19-16. The opening kick was taken by the Niners. 

More Details About The Game Between the 49ers And The Chiefs!

Jimmy Garoppolo managed to go 3-3. Deebo Samuel ended up committing a defender’s miss while Brandon Aiyuk managed to finish with an end-around. Woerner ended up committing an offensive pass interference, the 1st drive was successfully stalled. The defense of the 1st team forced one stop. A defensive pass blockage committed by Talanoa Hufanga on Hill led to the surrender of one touchdown. Hill is a very fast player.

The defenders of the 49ers were having trouble keeping up with his pace. Speaking of all the rookies of the 49ers, Demmodpoore Lenoir ended up committing a very opportunistic interception. After committing his 1st drive, Trey Lance managed to go 3-1. Aiyuk failed to receive a pass which could have been a 1st down. Lance managed to toss a pass of 45 yards on the 2nd drive. The pass was given to Trent Sherfield, legend, training camp for a touchdown pass of 80 yards. 

Another good player who was the highlight during the camp is Jonas Griffith, linebacker. Pass protection ended up being the problem for the 49ers. Lance took some hits from some unblocked defenders. But, that was not enough for slowing down the rookie. On his 3rd drive, he managed to start from the 1-yard line. The 49ers had a problem with the speed of the Chiefs. Charlier Woerner got a pass from Lance. After receiving the pass, he ended up running a very great route. The pass was from 34 yards from a corner. 

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