Chicago Bears Thrilled By Justin Fields After A Very Slow Start!

Chicago Bears
Chicago Bears

Justin Fields managed to thrill the Chicago Bears and James in the previous game. After the game, LeBron James tweeted that Justin Fields of the Chicago Bears is a very special man. Justin Fields, rookie quarterback, Bears rolled right and looked across the pitch to find Jesse James, a tight end who was unmarked at that moment. He passed the ball to James who was only 24 yards away. 

LeBron James Thrilled With The Performance Of Chicago Bears Quarterback Fields!

On Saturday, when Jesse James got the pass from Justin Fields, he moonwalked 6 yards inside the ending zone. Before receiving the pass, he was standing alone, unmarked. Chicago Bears fans roared with cheer and approval of the touchdown pass of 30 yards. The Bears received this kind of response for the 1st time in a total of 601 days at the stadium of Soldier Field. LeBron James, star, Lakers, was excited to see the 30-yard pass. One minute later, he tweeted how special a human being Fields is. LeBron James, the great basketball player, and Ohio State fan used the emoji of a crown to describe Justin Fields. 

Fields started his career in Ohio State before getting drafted to the Chicago Bears. LeBron James also called Justin Fields “king”. On Saturday, the game didn’t turn out to be a coronation. It was just a preseason victory of 20-13 against the club, Dolphins at Soldier Field.

The Bears have gained a lot of importance on the live network of the NFL broadcast due to Justin Fields. Matt Nagy, coach of, Chicago Bears, said that everybody is very excited about his performance today. He said that the excitement and buzz regarding Justin Fields is exactly the reason why the Chicago Bears ended up drafting him. This pass will be the highlight reel of the career of Justin Fields. 

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