Deshaun Watson To Cost The 49ers A Huge Amount

Deshaun Watson
Deshaun Watson

It is not a hidden fact that Deshaun Watson, the quarterback, will only be taken away from the team, the House Texans with a huge offer. According to sources, it will be the 49ers who will be landing a trade deal with the player. Both the coach and general manager of the team, Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch, respectively, are well aware of the amount they will have to pay.

Deshaun Watson Solution By Peter King

The last week’s column by Peter King, the analyst of NBC Sport’s NFL talks about the trade involving Deshaun Watson. He laid down rules for trading the player. He said that Cal McNair, the owner of the Texans, and Nick Caserio, the first-year GM should only go for it until there is a bunch of good quarterbacks with him. Not only that but he also mentioned the need for a total of three picks from the first round. Either that or to manage to bag someone like Sam Darnold, the quarterback, in return.

The NFL analyst went on to provide proposals for the trade that include the three teams, the Minnesota Vikings, the Texans, and the 49ers. He mentioned this solution in case Shanahan and Lynch face problems with the price of the trade. He said that Kirk could be traded in place of Deshaun Watson by the 49ers. What they would have to give up was the first-round pick of the year 2021 and Garoppolo.

The prize that the 49ers require in reality is Deshaun Watson, the pro-bowl quarterback for a total of three years. Cousins is not the right candidate for them. It is for sure that the player will cost the team a large sum of money. However, every penny will be worth it, despite that proposal granted by King. This is what one has to go through in order to get hold of a young, star NFL quarterback.