5 Top Forex Expert Advisors to Use to Excel in Trading

Forex Trading Vs Stock Trading
Forex Trading Vs Stock Trading

For as long as forex trading has ruled the global financial market, people have attempted to excel in trading and try to maximize their profit. But one cannot do it all by themselves and they need help from various tools and strategies to ensure trading success. For this particular reason, top forex expert advisors exist. These are hard to find and totally worthy automated trading systems that help traders decide when to open/close a trading position to get profit.

In the forex market, you will find millions of different EAs but not all of them can be trusted for excellent trading performance. Finding the proper one that would definitely bring profit and not use up your capital like a money-eating machine, is extremely important. A lot of time, people make a wrong choice and pay dearly for it by having to lose all of their hard-earned money on a mediocre forex expert advisor. There are so many scams running in the forex market that it is almost impossible to choose the right broker, EA, and even educational resources without help from experts.

Below is a list of 5 top fx EAs that can definitely help you excel in Forex trading

  • News Action Trader

News Action Trade is one of the most dependable forex expert advisors developed by LeapFX. LeapFX prides itself as a highly popular forex robot developer in the industry which has been actively developing various automated trading systems since the year 2012.

Reasons to choose:

  • This particular expert advisor gives fully verified backtesting results so that knowledgeable forex traders can assure themselves about its past performance and track record.
  • With a sufficient drawdown percentage and profit factor, the News Action Trader expert advisor allows traders to improve their trading skills irrespective of trading conditions that change naturally.
  • It has a solid track record of several years in the industry which is a huge advantage for any successful EA.
  • Flex EA

Flex EA is another worthy forex expert advisor whose oldest trading results date back to the year 2015. For a long time, this EA has been a part of the industry and has been helping forex traders gain profits efficiently.

Reasons to choose:

  • Forex Flex EA is known for its excellent support service that helps out users if they are ever in a pinch. You can contact them easily and the response rate is sufficiently higher. There is also a private forum for clients where they can ask questions or find answers to their queries.
  • This expert advisor has a fully verified and quite transparent Myfxbook page that guarantees its trustworthiness.
  • Happy Gold EA

This one is a feature-packed automated trading tool that is trusted by traders new and old who like trying out innovative automated systems and tools. It has been meticulously developed by using 99.9% optimization in MT4 and MT5 for enhanced stability and performance.

Reasons to choose:

  • This forex expert advisor utilizes a unique trend strategy that works for XAU/USD with a modified ZigZag indicator that can easily identify and connect extreme points on a chart.
  • It offers very low slippage, used hard stop loss, and also dynamic profit levels based on the market sentiments.
  • Trade Explorer EA

Trade Explorer EA offers a package of useful features that forex traders can utilize for their benefit and trade conveniently. It is developed by a company that aims for market leader innovations.

Reasons to choose:

  • It performs extremely well with almost 27 currency pairs.
  • The strategy of Trade Explorer EA is based on short term trends by identifying them trading in its direction.
  • Red Fox EA

Sinry advice is the company behind this particular top forex expert advisor that is located in Malaysia. The Red Fox EA is a stable and high-performance EA that works best for MetaTrader 4 interface.

Reasons to choose:

  • It uses a special news filter to stabilize its trading performance so that users can avoid trading on big market event days.
  • There is auto lot management available based on account funds in the Red Fox EA.
  • This EA is fully automated and can be installed within 5 minutes or less.