Over 600,000 Americans Still Entitled To The Third Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check
stimulus check

A fresh report released by the Treasury Department has revealed that over 600,000 Americans have yet to get their stimulus check, or have failed to deposit their check in the bank. The IRS stated last week that it was no longer dispensing any relief checks.

The IRS has informed that people who are yet to receive their stimulus check will have to claim the same when they file their federal income tax return for 2021 before the April 18 deadline this month. They can claim their due amount by filing an RRC over their 2020-21 income tax returns.

A vast majority have received the 3rd stimulus check, around 99.5%. But that still leaves 644,705 eligible people who are yet to get what is rightfully theirs. The total amount due under the 3rd relief check comes to around $1.6B.

Numerous Reasons For Missing Out On 3rd Stimulus Check

The figures are from September 2021, so it can be assumed that some people might have received their stimulus checks since then. There was no list of late receivers in this report.

There could be numerous reasons for the delay. Families who welcomed a child home in 2021 might not have collected their stimulus check as the child did not exist in the records of the IRS. The IRS relies on past tax filings to determine the value of the stimulus check owed to each individual or family.

People who faced a reduction in income might qualify for the third stimulus check as they were not owed one based on their past income if it was higher than the cut mark.

But most people, 420,000 of them, missed the relief check because they filed with an ITIN, usually used by people who do not have a SS number. People with ITINs and who have dependents with valid Social Security numbers are eligible to collect a relief check under the Rescue Plan.