Jared Polis Signs Bill Ensuring Right To Medical Termination Of Pregnancy

jared polis
jared polis

The Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, has just given his stamp of approval to a law protecting and preserving the right to medically terminate a pregnancy at any stage of pregnancy. The left-oriented state becomes the 16th state to protect its resident’s reproductive rights even as conservative states continue to deny their residents this freedom. Washington DC also protects its residents under similar laws.

The Reproductive Health Equity Act, or House Bill 1279, signed into law by Jared Polis, guarantees residents access to reproductive care before and after pregnancy. The law also bans local governments from interfering in the process and imposing their own restrictions.

Governor Jared Polis declared that the decision to go for or terminate a pregnancy will remain a matter solely between the person, her doctor, and her faith. He said that the reproductive bill merely maintains the existing state of affairs of the law at the federal level. It preserves present pregnancy laws, obligations, and rights.

Colorado Pregnancy Law Signed By Jared Polis Allows Women To Terminate Pregnancy At Any Stage

The bill declares that individuals have a fundamental right to make decisions about their reproductive health. It includes the right to use and refuse contraceptives and also the right to terminate a pregnancy. Jared Polis said the new law doesn’t affect the present legal framework of the state.

The law codifies the right for a woman to have the right to terminate a pregnancy either before the viability of a fetus or throughout pregnancy under Colorado law.

Democrat-controlled states have enacted similar laws even as the US Supreme Court decides on a court case that might overturn the federal constitutional right to end abortion as was decided in the Roe v. Wade case. The present composition of the Supreme Court is 6-3 in favor of the Republicans and there are fears that this could overturn the present law.

Republican ruled states including Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Florida have passed laws imposing severe restrictions on abortion in the state.

Colorado health officials are preparing for the likelihood that the new liberalization of abortion laws will encourage residents of nearby states with restrictive laws to come to Colorado for medical termination of pregnancy.

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