6,250 Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) Shares Sold by Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) has recently sold off 6,250 of his shares at $280.57 EPS worth $1,753,562.50 on 17th March, Wednesday. This was reported by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

On Thursday the company started from $284.01 with the market cap being an amount of $808.77 billion. They have a 32.35 PE ratio, 1.29 PEG ratio, and 1.18 beta. Their lowest in 1 year is $137.10 while the highest is $304.67. Their 50 days rolling average is at $137.10 while the 200 day rolling average is at a value of $269.64.

According to their 27th January report, their quarterly EPS was $3.88, exceeding the $3.24 Zacks estimate by nearly $0.64. They had a 32% net margin with a 23.27% equity return. Their revenue was $28.10 billion, surpassing the $26.43 billion estimate.

Zuckerberg Sells FB Shares

Piper Sandler lifted the price objective of FB shares to an amount of $285 from $275 and gave a rating of ‘neutral’. Zacks research raised it to ‘strong-buy’ from ‘hold’ and assigned it $297. Jefferies Fin. Group reassigned a rating of ‘buy’ and allotted it a value of $350. Loop Capital promoted it to $370 from $330 and gave a rating of ‘buy’. Truist increased it to $333 from $320. The firm has the consensus ‘buy’ recommendation with a $323.98 price objective.

Out of many buying and selling activities, Flagship Pvt Wealth bought new holdings in FB stock and own $25,000 worth of shares in Q4. Wealth Management purchased a new stake, owning $27,000 worth of shares in Q4. Klaas Financial Advisors purchased a new position and own $27,000 worth of shares in Q4. Litman Gregory Management bought a new stake, owning $27,000 worth of shares in Q4. ADE LLC bought new holdings and own $27,000 worth of shares in Q4. 64.95% FB stock is owned by institutional investors and hedge funds.