7 States Are Debating Increasing Stimulus Checks Payments In 2023

stimulus checks
stimulus checks

Three years ago, during the ongoing pandemic, there was no telling what would happen next, so things looked dismal. However, recovery does not come fast and while the financial worries remain, some states have decided to continue stimulus checks through 2023 as well.

Following States Are Still Providing Stimulus Checks


The average range of Californian tax is $200-$1,050, depending upon a wide variety of criteria which includes dependence, income, and others. For the requirements, contact the California Tax Board.


Here, the estimated amount is dependent upon a range of factors like your payoff in the initial year’s stimulus checks refund which equals 10%  of the 2020 tax liability before credits, extra taxes, payments, and gifts, whichever is greater. 


The estimated amount for the 2021 tax rebate is $900 for collective filers and $450 for single taxpayers. Residents of Maine who submitted a tax rebate for the end of October  2021 and resided there full-time will get a fresh payment for 2023. The scheme is titled Energy Relief Fund where stimulus checks would send to citizens till the end of March this year. 

New Jersey

Based on the income of 2019 and whether inhabitants were property owners or those who rented that particular year, New Jersey’s estimated stimulus checks amount. Residents of New Jersey who owned houses in 2019 and have a combined income of approx $150k or less will get rebates of $1,500 via the ANCHOR Tax Relief Program this year. 

New Mexico

For filers with the year 2021 earnings under $150,000, the estimated amount in New Mexico is $500; for single citizens and couples filing different 2021 tax rebates, the estimated amount is $250.


Up to $975 for certain older people, $500-$650 for qualified renters, and $250 to $650 for qualified homeowners. You could be eligible to ask for a stimulus check under the program if you are a 65-year-old citizen of the state, a widow above  50, or a disabled person over 18 years old. 

South Carolina 

Up to $800 in stimulus checks rebates, depending on your reporting status for your 2021 income tax debt (net of credits) of the state.

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