Donald Trump Requests A Postponement In Carroll’s Trial After Finding Out That She Was Supported By A Democratic Donor

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

After finding out that a billionaire has given to certain Democratic casualties has also paid for many of the accuser’s legal bills, ex-president Donald Trump requested an attorney to postpone a columnist’s defamation and assault trial that was scheduled to begin this month. Jean Carroll’s attorneys recently disclosed the information to Donald Trump’s attorneys, saying, that at one point, extra funding from an NGO to pay off certain legal fees and other expenses had been secured by her counsel. Trump’s legal team claimed that the funder is nonprofit-owning LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman.

Donald Trump On Having The Trial Postponed

Donald Trump‘s attorney requested the attorney to reopen the discovery, postpone the trial by a month, or give the jury instructions on adverse inference. It is the second time a Donald Trump attorney has asked to postpone the set, which is to begin on 25th April.

On Thursday, Lewis Kaplan, an attorney decided that the other side may investigate how Carroll’s legal fees are paid off and may expose Carroll once again for a maximum of an hour to interrogate her about this specific issue. Next week’s deadlines were established by Kaplan, who also clarified that the problem wouldn’t cause a delay in the trial’s commencement on April 25.

Alina Habba, an attorney for Donald Trump, had written to Kaplan in a letter that said, that the last-minute disclosure of how the plaintiff’s fees were being paid raised a lot of questions and called for an investigation. This information calls into doubt the plaintiff’s character and her motivation for starting and/or maintaining the current action, according to Habba. It also gets to the core of whether the current case is a “hoax” that was started and/or sustained to further a political objective, which is one of the main points of the plaintiff’s defamation claim.

Given the media attention surrounding Trump’s charge, a different lawyer urged the attorney to postpone the trial till May on Wednesday.