8 Hidden iPhone Features You Didn’t Know About  

iPhone 7
iPhone 7

We use phones daily for everything. We don’t simply chat but also work, play at the casino online  and watch movies. So, we think that we know everything about our gadgets. But it’s not so. In fact, iPhones have lots of hidden features, and these 8 are the most helpful ones.  

Customize Your Keyboard 

Those who like to type with one hand may have problems because of the size of the iPhone screen. Yet, if you press and hold the globe icon on the keyboard, you will see arrow keyboard icons. 

If you select one of these, the keyboard will shrink by about a quarter and move to the side where the corresponding arrow points. It’s practical for both right- and left-handed people. 

There will also be no problem with the special keys for “one-handed” input when you activate the appropriate option. You can access this function via Settings > General > Keyboard > One-handed keyboard. 

Safe Ride in Do Not Disturb Mode 

You may not be aware of the existence of such a mode of your smartphone as “Do Not Disturb”. In general, few people know that the iPhone can self-recognize that you are currently driving a car. In such a situation, it is important not to be distracted by news or other app notifications. 

Check the Do Not Disturb While Driving checkbox. What’s especially convenient is that you can also send an automatic reply with any text to your contacts. Then the sender will know that you’re on the road, but see their message and respond as soon as you’re parked. 

By the way, if you connect your iPhone to a hands-free system via Bluetooth or cable, the Do Not Disturb feature is automatically activated. 

Use the Search Bar Instead of a Calculator 

If you often have to do quick calculations, this feature that lets you do simple maths in a couple of clicks is just for you! 

Just open the search bar by swiping down from the home screen, switch the keyboard to numeric input, and do a simple math problem and you’ll get your answer instantly. Yet, for more complex calculations, you should still use the Calculator. 

Disabling Face ID Unlock in Unexpected Situations 

Face ID is a really handy and indispensable innovation. But this innovation is also able to become a major problem in an unforeseen emergency situation. 

The fact is that anyone can easily unlock your iPhone by simply bringing the device to your face – against your will. 

Fortunately, it’s possible to lock Face ID in less than 4 seconds – by simultaneously holding down the side button with the volume up/down key for a few seconds, a brief vibration will notify you that Face ID is locked, and now anyone who wants to unlock your smartphone will need to enter the password. 

Disable Message Read Report 

If you don’t want the sender to know that you read their text message, you can disable the message read confirmation feature individually for each contact. 

Tap the information icon in the upper-right corner of the message history. This is where you can deactivate the report for that chat. 


Use this tool to measure and add up the distance on horizontal and vertical surfaces. Started to buy furniture, and you need to figure out the parameters of the niche for it? Take out your iPhone, turn on the app, point the camera and the problem is solved. 

Construction Level 

The building tool is an extremely handy feature. To use it, open the Measure app and select the Level feature there. 

Photo Function While Shooting Video 

If you want to catch a good shot while you’re shooting video on your iPhone, press the white shutter button on the screen. 

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