Brass Against Apologizes For Sophia Urista’s Urination On Stage

brass against
brass against

Brass Against’s members were shocked to the same extent as the audience at the festival when Sophia Urista, their singer, urinated on a fan’s face. The vulgar incident happened when the band was performing at the Welcome to Rockville music festival.

Brass Against Was Aghast

On their official account on Twitter, Brass Against apologized after the incident. They wrote that the band had an awesome time during their Welcome to Rockville night performance. However, they admitted that Sophia became excessive. The act was completely unexpected by the other band members.

They also promised that it is not an act that will ever repeat at any of Brass Against’s shows. They ended the apology by thanking Daytona for being such a great audience. In a tweet that had been deleted afterward, Brass Against also said that they were truly sorry and that it was not what the band stood for.

The Brass Against band makes covers in where they perform rock songs’ brass versions. The antics of Sophia Urista happened when they were covering “Wake Up” by Rage Against the Machine. The singer had reportedly and repeatedly said that she really had to urinate. The vocalist would then invite a volunteer from the audience to be a human toilet for her.

She boldly declared to get the man wearing a can on the head prepared because he would be brought on stage and she would be urinating in his mouth. She continued that she had to urinate but there was not enough time to go to the toilet. So she wanted to “make a show of it”.

The willing fan went onstage. And then, as promised by Urista, she dropped her trousers and proceeded to urinate over the fan’s face without stopping the song.