9 ingenious ways to earn lucrative money with Cryptocurrency. 

Everyone is looking for the easiest and simplest ways to make money. But when it comes to finding out the best source of passive income. Cryptocurrency trading hardly strikes our minds. We usually jump on the bandwagon. Probably it is the easiest and sure-shot way to make money without making much hustle. But it is easier said than done. Whatever trend you will follow, always remember every field requires effort and time. Whether you want to write a book or start blogging as your profession, everything will take time to shoot at the right spot. Unlike other money-making options, cryptocurrency trading also needs sheer effort, in-depth knowledge, and time. One advantage that makes cryptocurrency trading on platforms like Bitcoin Equaliser app  an award-winning way to make money is the massive potential for high returns. There are plenty of ways to earn money. Without any delay, let us get started. 

  1. Buying & HODLing 

Suppose you are not willing to take risks and believe in long-term profit. Buying and HODLing would be a great fit option for you. Buying and HODLing is a kind of passive trading in which you buy a cryptocurrency and hold it for a longer duration to make an attractive profit. Some of the cryptocurrencies consider safe is bitcoin, Ethereum, Tezos, KMD, LINK, and many more. More important, if you are an active trader and willing to take risks, Buying and HODLing is not the best option for you. 

  1. Faucets 

If you are a newbie and want to start something, a cryptocurrency faucet is a good option. It doesn’t require any specialized trading skills. Crypto faucets are websites and apps that allow cryptocurrency traders to earn rewards by completing small and simple tasks that include watching videos and playing games. Although the benefits you will get are less. Alternatively, you will look upon other high-returning ways in cryptocurrency that offer you great rewards. It is probably not an effective way to make money. 

  1. Staking 

Cryptocurrency staking is one of the ways to generate passive income. Staking is a profound way of maintaining the activities of a proof-of-stake-based blockchain system. Staking refers to a process in which you hold cryptocurrency for a longer duration in your wallet to verify transactions and foster the network. You will get rewards to clench the cryptocurrency and help in making a strong network. You can stake Tezos currency. It is the first proof of stake currency accepted by all major exchanges. 

  1. Day trading 

Day trading is a kind of active trading in which you buy and sell the financial instrument within the same day. Traders buy and sell cryptocurrency on the same day because to avoid troublesome risks and gap down. Day trading offers you to make a small profit as you are trading on the same day. Day trading involves the phenomenon you sell when you observe the short-term fluctuations in the financial instrument to make minute profits. 

  1. Referral program  

In the cryptocurrency referral program, you promote companies’ services, and in exchange, you will earn rewards. Create a referral account by providing some information and after the confirmation. You will receive the unique affiliate link. Invite your friend with your referral link to kickstart your commission. Whenever your friend makes a trade, you will receive rewards. 

  1. Make your cryptocurrency 

In case you are an active trader and have in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrency trading. You can kickstart your crypto journey in another direction by creating and launching your cryptocurrency. It also requires some technical knowledge regarding blockchain technology. The other alternative is to hire a team and get the work done. The choice is yours. Traders have seen immense potential in the crypto market due to the increasing popularity around the world. 

  1. Blogging 

It is another way to make good money. If you think you are a good writer, you can start working by writing about the cryptocurrency market and trading on websites. It became popular in few years due to the deep penetration of the digital era into the world. Whenever people have doubts, they find out relevant and meaningful content online to get the correct information. In case you consider your content valuable and relevant. You can approach websites that can offer you to earn money. Some of the websites are Yours, Steemit, and Y’alls. 

  1. Work for crypto companies. 

If you want to work for crypto companies, you have to identify the needs that they have. Whether they need a graphic designer, content writer, web developer & designer, digital marketer, etc., and in case you think the job position in the company fits with your skills. You can apply for that position. If you get selected, your making money journey gets started. Therefore, it is a great option to kickstart your crypto career. 

  1. Crypto arbitrage 

Crypto arbitrage involves the trading in which buying and selling the same financial assets on various exchanges to earn profit due to an imbalance in price. In other words, a trader buys one asset at one place and sells at another location due to the different prices in different markets. Crypto arbitrage is not risk-free. It involves a deep understanding of the crypto world. 

Final thoughts: 

The Crypto market has enormous golden opportunities to make money. You have to decide which way is well suited for you. In which direction you want to go. Either you want to trade, or you want to work for any company. If you wish to trade exchange in the crypto market, you need to acquire a deep knowledge of crypto, understand your risk-willing capacity, and do some market research. And then take the decision. Knowing the correct information will help you to invest in the right coin to make good money. At the same time, the crypto market is not risk-free like the other markets. It is a kind of volatile market. Be careful while investing in the crypto market. You can refer to the above ways that help you in making money. All the money-making ways mentioned are time-tested and proven techniques. Hence, it will show you how you can earn money and how much risk is involved.