NHL Playoff Update- Postseason Seeds Haven’t Been Updated Yet

NHL Playoff
NHL Playoff

The NHL Playoff for the Stanley Cup has already found the 16 teams that will be playing- the only question is, which teams would fill which slots? The 16 teams were fixed upon the elimination of the Vegas Golden Knights from playoff contention, and so the teams currently will have to battle it out amongst themselves to get to the semifinals. As of now, there are 8 teams that have already found their place.

From the Atlantic Division, the first seed goes to Florida Panthers, while the Number 2 from the division is the Toronto Maple Leafs. From the Metro Division, we have the Carolina Hurricanes and the New York Rangers in first and second place. From the Central Division, we have just the lone Colorado Avalanche- which is also the first seed from the West. Interestingly, the Pacific Division brings three teams in the top-16- the Calgary Flames at the helm, followed by the Edmonton Oilers, and the LA Kings.

The Seeds For The NHL Playoff Haven’t Been Finalized Yet 

The NHL Playoffs look ready, with the Avalanche and the Panthers battling it out for the Presidents’ Trophy as well as the Number 1 overall seed in the postseason. Both of the teams seem to have just a couple of games left. Colorado is a couple of points behind, but they do seem to have a 46-41 edge in regulation wins. 

In the Atlantic Division of the NHL Playoffs, the Tampa Bay Lightning have managed to hold onto a three-point lead over the Boston Bruins for the No.3 seed. The loser of the battle would be earning the No.1 wild card from the East as well as a series against the Canes. Both of the teams have a couple of games left, and Boston also has a one-game edge in RW. 

In the Metro Division of the NHL Playoffs, the race for the third position has tightened up considerably. The Pittsburgh Penguins seem to be holding a one-point as well as a one RW edge over the Washington Capitals.