A $200 Inflation Relief Stimulus Check Is On The Way: Check Your Eligibility

stimulus check
stimulus check

The federal government provided ample support to low and moderate-earning citizens during the pandemic period with three rounds of stimulus checks. There were a host of other relief payments including the extended unemployment checks and the enhanced Child Tax Credit stimulus checks. But the funds dried up in 2022 and were replaced by state support.

While Maine and New Mexico were among the earliest states to send stimulus checks for residents, the latest among states to enter the field are California and Florida, the latter a surprise, given that Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has been strongly against any form of stimulus check.

Indiana Governor Expresses Satisfaction At Signing Stimulus Check Legislation

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb has recently signed a bill allowing a stimulus check to residents. He has expressed his pride and satisfaction at being able to sign legislation allowing the return of $1 billion back to taxpayers in the state. He said that he was glad to achieve what he set out to accomplish and would help the state residents from being affected by the record inflation, the highest in over 4 decades.

The Indiana government under Holcomb pushed for a check of $200 under the new law. The payments follow a $125 relief check earlier this year. Residents who have failed to collect their $125 Indiana stimulus check can collect both payments together.

Residents can expect the second relief check soon and the administration has informed us that it could be as early as August 15. Some residents might get it a bit later but all payments are expected to be cleared within 2 months.

The auditor has revealed that the state authorities are printing around 50,000 relief checks each day out of the total list of 1.7 million payments. The payments are expected to be complete by mid-October.

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