Janet Yellen Shows Optimism Over The Coronavirus Stimulus Relief Package

Janet Yellen
Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen, the secretary of the department of treasury, gave a statement concerning the economy of the United States of America. She stated to the legislators of the country that she can see an optimistic future for the economy of the country in the year 2022. The statement came from her this Tuesday.

Janet Yellen said that a lot of growth and employment will take place in the country. The reason for this, according to her, is the stimulus package concerning the coronavirus. The package was introduced by Joe Biden, the president of America. The economy of the country is said to be emerging from the pandemic-induced lockdown.

Janet Yellen On The Importance Of The Relief Package

The 74-year-old  treasury secretary had a written testimony that was prepared to be delivered. It was to be done so at the committee of financial services, the House of Representatives. She spoke on the situation that will take place following the execution of the stimulus package. Janet Yellen claimed that she was undoubtedly sure of the fact that the package will restore the lives of those who suffered due to the pandemic. She added that there is a high chance that there will be a situation of full employment by the coming year.

Janet Yellen stated that the stimulus relief package that was introduced by President Joe Biden was aimed specially to provide relief to those areas where it was needed the most. It included small businesses exclusively owned by the people belonging to the minority communities and women.

The treasury is also set to reduce the requirements of extensive documentation that is required for those citizens who are struggling in order to receive the funds. The funds in question will be beneficial to make payments for house rent and other things.

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