Kevin McCarthy Believes In Promises

kevin mccarthy

There is already a lot of speculation about Kevin McCarthy not keeping his word or sensitive matter within his party. He handed over the Capitol Building attack footage of 6th January 2021 to fox news host Tucker Carlson. Many were shocked by his act and decision, he didn’t even bother to let other GOP leaders know of his decision, which made others feel offended. And he further mentions when being asked what if Tucker couldn’t keep his word. He said he promised me.

Kevin McCarthy’s Naive Move Could Jeopardize A Sensitive Operation?

Being a speaker at the house, Kevin McCarthy was unable to come to a consensus with his party members. And later it was discovered, it was completely an autonomous decision of his. Handling over the tape to a journalist, who was utterly responsible for broadcasting the fake news. Kevin McCarthy was supposed to review the footage with his GOP leaders and hand it over to the January 6 committee, which is currently investigating the whole incident.

Leaking the footage to the nation could possibly bring further challenges before the 2024 election. Before Tucker Carlson, has said this is something the public should witness and not be kept a secret.

The democrats were the first ones to criticize his naive move, it was declared since the committee decided to take over the case. The video was kept private due to security risks. Which Kevin McCarthy’s stunt could have jeopardized an ambush or critical operation?

Given Tucker Carlson’s history, it was a foolish move from Kevin McCarthy’s side. This video effect the Upcoming election and highly likely it would affect the democratic party and the republican party together.

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